• About Us

    Drone Club - NUS, is a newly emerged interest group run by a group of student enthusiasts from NUS. We pride ourself as NUS’ first and only interest group with emphasis on drone-related activities. The club was founded by Ms Zhao Yiting, president of the Drone Club - NUS when she discovered the untapped potential that drones have. Through our recruitment at the annual Student Life Fair in NUS during the month of August, Drone Club - NUS has become a big community, comprising of approximately 160 members. It is also supported by researchers from the Temasek UAV Research Group, which thus enables interested students to receive professional guidance to facilitate their learning.

  • Objectives

    Through hosting workshops and events regularly for the student body to participate, Drone Club - NUS aims to:


    We provide the plateform for you to gain knowledge about drones.


    You'll be exposed to the technology and unique skills all about drones.


    Get a chance to participate in related activities that contribute to your educational, technical and professional development.


    Stay connected our staff and students within and outside of NUS.

  • upcoming Activities

    Please follow us through our up-to-date events

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  • Activities

    In this ever changing world, Drone Club - NUS emphasises the need for students stay relevant.

    Sharing and Networking Sessions

    We will invite our collaborators to host seminars and to participate in our networking activities. They will share their knowledges, insights, and also showcase or allow students to try out of their newly launched products. Students who are interested in participating could sign up for such sessions to improve their understanding on the upcoming trend in the industry and how to value add their portfolio for employment in future

    Theoretical Workshops

    We would be collaborating with an interest group under the NUS Residential College 4 - RC4Space to conduct introductory sessions to drones for students who have zero or little knowledge in drones. These would provide them with a foundation as well as background information of drones, to better prepare them for practical hands-on workshops.

    Practical Hands-On Workshops

    We will organise drone-building workshops to provide students an enriching exposure and broader perspective of the technologies and unique skills related to drones. Participants would engage in hands-on activities which involves:

    • Designing and assembling the frame

    • Mounting motors and electronic speed controls (ESCs)

    • Wiring electronics and sensors

    • Performing calibrations and flight tests


    Pilot Program

    We aim to train committed members to obtain competent flying skills. After our assessment, these members can proceed with joining our aerial filming team as well as work towards become a professional UAV pilot. Participants can expect to undergo the following lessons:

    • We would first use computerised simulators to train them with basic flying skills.

    • After they have familiarised with flying on computer, they will be introduced to try on real drones.

    • Lastly, they will be trained to take good aerial videos on UAV. The club can also invite Civil Aviation Authority Of Singapore (CAAS) to issue operator permit to our trained members.

    Business Services

    We strive to provide incomparable aerial filming services to corporations and also the NUS community. Customers who have engaged our service will be provided with high quality video product that fulfils requirements such as a distinctive video of their events from above.


    In addition to video filming services, Drone Club - NUS also aims to bring exciting and novel experiences the NUS committee with the usage of drones. Some examples of making NUS campus an even vibrant place for students would be:

    • To deliver roses and other small gifts using drones during occasions like Valentine’s Day. This is a unique way for people to express their affection that has not been incorporated in NUS.


    Furthermore, through our connections with various drone companies, we would also be able to sell drone parts and accessories at a discounted price to drone fanatics in NUS.


    With our technical team that have been receiving professional trainings and guidance, we would like to provide the opportunity for them to participate in competitions to demonstrate their talents. Also, competitions allow students to apply their skills onto real-world problems which Drone Club - NUS believes contributes greatly to their university education and at the same time value adds their portfolio. Furthermore, it is a good opportunity for these students to connect with top employers in the fields of their interest which increases employability. It is also a good opportunity for students to challenge their limits, and forces them to develop new skills and knowledge. It would also be a pathway for students to bring their ideas to action, with the chance of attaining a formal recognition for their works.

  • past Events

    Drone Club - NUS has successfully participated in conducting several programmes and events for the NUS committee, some of which are listed below.

    Online Drone Sharing Session with Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

    We have collaborated with NTU to conduct an online drone sharing session for two hours for university and polytechnic students. The sharing is conducted through an online video conference on Wechat and students who are interested in drones were welcomed to the conference. Speakers from both schools shared on the history of drones, the relevant technical knowledge, as well as the industry use of drones. They have also shared their experience in the drone projects they have been involved in and the drone companies they are interning at. More than one hundred students joined the online sharing session and a question and answer (Q&A) session was also held at the end of the sharing for students to take part in further discussion.

    AeroLion Technology (ALT) Industrial Talk

    We had invited the Vice President from ALT to share with the students about their cut-edging technology such as indoor navigation and autonomous control. Through the industrial talk, students were given the opportunity to learn about the drone industry on a global perspective - not only the local market, but also the overseas market. Since the company focuses on commercial drones, the speaker introduced the students the difference between professional and recreational drones which gave students a new exposure to drones.


    This event held on 30 August 2016, endeavours to bring the drone community in NUS together, for a fun-filled and exciting afternoon. Exhibitors from both our industry partners and academic institutions will be able to trade their expertise in drone development and be updated on the latest technologies that are developed currently. Participants of this event will be rewarded with unique experiences to learn from these experts and foster their interests in drone constructions at the same time.





    More images to be found on our Google shared gallery folder:

    2 Days Introductory Workshop 2016

    The first ever drone club introductory workshop was a great success. Participants had a better understanding on drones, and their uses. Not only that, they were also able to fly their own mini drones safety , closely guided by the professionals. It was truly an enjoyable experience for both the drone club-NUS and the participants.





    Introductory Workshop 2017

    Drone Introductory workshop 2017 is back. Many who took part this year agreed they have know more about drones and have fun trying out. We will see you all at our next workshop!




    Mini-Drone Weekend Session #1

    Jointly hosted with experts from Locoprops and Red Dot Drone, the inaugural weekend session sees participants from both YaleNUS College and NUS Drone Club learning about basic flight theory and how to pilot a mini-drone, followed by a FPV racing demonstration by the experts.



  • Collaborators

    Some of the collaborators and sponsors that would be supporting our programmes are as follows:

    Temasek Lab (T-lab) Unmanned System Research Group

    Temasek Laboratory (T-lab) Unmanned System Research Lab had been working on UAV-related technologies for more than 10 years and attained many international recognitions. Drone Club - NUS is strongly supported by T-Lab UAV group in terms of:

    • Professional UAV Studies or Research

    • Assisting UAV projects

    Drone Club - NUS and T-Lab aim to drive talented and aspiring individuals to be involved in the challenging and fulfilling UAV developmental projects and international competitions.

    Tencent Holdings Limited

    Tencent is a Chinese company that has recently surpassed Alibaba to be the Most Valuable Chinese Technology Company. It has agreed to support us by lending some of their drones that have yet to be launched into the market for our members to be their first users and experiment aerial photography.

    Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd (DJI)

    DJI manufactures a range of products including unmanned aerial vehicles, flying platforms, flight controllers for multi-rotors, helicopters accessories, aerial and handheld gimbals and ground stations. The company is the forefront of the civilian-drone industry. They would also be holding a Global Recruitment Program and Drone Club - NUS would be providing assistance to organise this recruitment program in Singapore.

    Aerolion Technology


    Aerolion technology is a Singapore startup UAV company with cutting-edge technology, specialized in UAV autonomy and navigation in both indoor and outdoor cluttered environment.

    INFINYTE Media

    Singapore aerial photography and videography service provider. We are in the midst of liaising with them to provide aerial filming training for our members.

    NTU Aerospace Society

    The NTU Aerospace Society is a student-run organization in Nanyang Technological University that supports the learning of UAVs and acquisition of skills to build them.​ The NUS drone club has been working closely with them and has collaborated online drone sharing sessions to exchange on ideas and skills for all tertiary students.

    Makerfire Pte Ltd

    Makerfire Pte Ltd. is established in 2013. Based in Shen Zhen, the company engages in open source hardware development specializing in UAV R&D. Makerfire is committed to promoting the development of open source hardware innovation and services relating to UAVs, and to promote the development of UAV-based education for consumers world-wide while upholding the spirit of innovation, expertise, and adopting an open-minded attitude.



    Other Student Organization

    We will cooperate with the various student led interest group from different tertiary institutions to allow interaction and enhance learning from one another. Some of the interest groups are as follows:

    • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) - NUS Student Branch


    • RC4Space of NUS Residential College 4


    • NUS Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Club


    • NUS Society of Mechanical Engineering (SME)


    • NTU Aerospace Club


  • Testimonials

    Lets hear what our collaborators says about us




    We've had a pleasant collaboration with the NUS Drone Club for our event "Symphony in the Park 2016" at the Singapore Botanical Gardens Shaw Foundation Stage on 24 Sep 2016. The drone operators provided us with safe and professional service by aerial filming at a very challenging site. The day was hot and the site had many launch restrictions due to a large crowd capacity expected at a public space. The team operated with confidence and delivered an awesome product. Notably, some our videos were picked up by the NUS official page as well as NUS Centre For the Arts as part of their publicity material. https://youtu.be/CHRrZyADOe8?list=PLr7nYh4bUQhS8BbiGayUY-ltwgN98Y20x Once again we thank the NUS Drone Club for their professionalism!


    Zi Yang






    It was a joy collaborating with the you and the team at Drone Club, especially since all of you are so passionate about building the club as well as the ethics that come into play in the use of drones, flying the drones, and being so accommodating in terms of the crediting of the work and last minute filming timings.


    Miss Lim Xin Ni

    Executive, Digital Communications




    NUS IRO worked with Yiting and Ee Thai from the NUS Drone Club in December 2016 to film aerial footage of NUS Kent Ridge Campus for a corporate video. Both Yiting and Ee Thai were very professional and a pleasure to work with. Both were very responsive and provided useful advice before and during the filming. They quickly distilled what was needed for the video and gave us great suggestions of how to capture the necessary shots. Yiting was very prompt in answering our queries in preparation for filming, helping us through the necessary administrative processes and making all the other arrangements with the Drone Club. We were also very happy to have worked with Ee Thai, a seasoned controller for the actual filming. He gave us many good ideas during the shoot, thinking of ways to accommodate our requests while producing high-quality footage for our video. Overall, it was a real pleasure working with NUS Drone Club for this special project for NUS IRO.


    Ms Chua Bi Quan




    DroneLive @ UTown

    UAV technology has huge potentials for different industry applications and can provide us with different perspectives of the world in which we live in. What better way to foster interest around this technology than to have the engineers, aero scientists and roboticists of the future establish a community that connects different Universities, interest groups and people with a similar passion


    Mr Kevin On

    Director of Communications


  • Special Thanks

    Student Organization

    We sincerely express our gratitude towards the Society Of Mechanical Engineering of NUS for their effort to promote drones by conducting workshops within the community before the drone club is formally set up.

    Student Organization

    We sincerely express our gratitude towards the IEEE-NUS for their effort to promote drones by conducting workshops within the community before the drone club is formally set up.

  • Be part of our team

  • We Want You

    • Engineering students

    We welcome all engineering students. He/She can really put his/her knowledge into good use because UAV projects are related to engineering. It will be better if all kinds of engineers come together and share their brainy ideas to build a powerful UAV. There might be a chance to turn UAV into your career some day!

    • People who are curious about UAV

    We also welcome all students from diverse disciplines who simply have a passion for UAVs. We will share with them about easy-to-learn concepts and provide them with easy-to-fly drones to build their confidence in aerial engineering.

  • Safety concerns

    During our hands-on workshops, there will be professionals from the research lab to ensure all activities carried out are within the safety regulations, thereby minimising chances of accidents. We would be following the most updated version under Singapore’s rules and regulations to operate our drones safely. Furthermore, we will seek permit from NUS and the relevant authorities before conducting any flying activities or when providing aerial videography services.


    Also, our Logistics and Safety Department is in the midst of liaising with First Aid Licensed Personnel to provide first aid sessions for our members so that we are always well prepared when unfortunate incidents occur during any of our programmes. Currently, we have members who are first aid trained and we would ensure that there is at least one such member who is present during the programme.

  • Membership

    Anyone can be a member.

    Ordinary Members

    Ordinary Membership is open to all students from National University of Singapore.

    Besides, ordinary members will be subscribed to our email, whatsApp and Facebook group instant notification of upcoming programmes and will be given priority places when registering.

    Professional Tech Team

    Professional tech team would be able to explore drones and participate in research, projects, competitions. They would also be expected to hold sharing sessions and workshops for our ordinary members.

    Executive Committee

    Executive members are responsible for planning.

  • Join Our Committee

    1. A Business Vice Director
    2. A Publicity Vice Director
    3. An Events/Projects Vice Director
    4. Logistics /Safety Vice Director